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The FAB TRAY is designed to accept a concrete infill base to give the cover rigidity and maximise the load capability.



FAB Trays are available for a wide range of internal and external applications. Internal covers are ideal for use in public areas such as shopping malls, schools and sports stadiums, we offer a wide array of products to accommodate different floor finishes such as tile, carpet, screed and vinyl flooring. FAB Tray can also be manufactured from high grade Stainless Steel for use in highly corrosive and chemical environments such as Swimming Pools. External covers are typically manufactured to withstand heavy loadings and are ideal for use in Fork Lift Truck areas, dockyards, and other heavy industrial environments.

Bespoke Options


Finish Options Sealing Options Loading Options Locking Options Special
Galvanised Mild steel Unsealed FACTA A Slotted Head Screw Hinged
Stainless steel 304 Vented FACTA AA Socket head Screw Multiples
Stainless steel 316 Grease seal FACTA AAA HO approved screw Duct run
Powder Coated Single Neoprene Seal FACTA B Turnbuckle Security Lock Circular
Aluminium Double Neoprene Seal FACTA C Slam lock Inspection Hatch
Edging Trim Inner Sealing Plate FACTA D Padlock Facility ID Name plate
FAB GRIP FACTA E Threaded Lifting Points

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