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SOLO SLIDE® is a recessed cover and frame which has achieved prestigious BSI Kitemark certification. SOLO SLIDE® features a unique lifting mechanism and blends in with the surrounding area.

This product is manufactured in high grade 6mm mild steel to ensure stability under load and longevity, with tapered covers and a flush soffit to ensure the cover can be removed easily from the frame. A unique feature of SOLO SLIDE®, part of FSP's FAB Pave range, is an ergonomically designed key which allows for single person operation.

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SOLO SLIDE® comes in a range of standard sizes and depths. Our in-house design can create non-standard sizes and depths which can be manufactured rapidly at little extra cost. SOLO SLIDE ® is ideally used as an access cover for Telecommunications chambers and can be laser etched for chamber. The SOLO SLIDE® is already installed in cities across the UK, including key locations in London such as Tower Bridge and in Trafalgar Square.

Watch SOLO SLIDE® video demonstration, please click here.

Target Markets: Architects and Consultant engineers, Utilities, Local Authorities and councils and Property management

Solo Slide® in use in London
Solo Slide® in use in London Trafalgar Square

Key features




  • SOLO SLIDE® kitemarked in accordance with BS EN 124 Certification to meet European Standards for A15 and B125 loading
  • Manufactured from high grade 6mm mild steel to ensure longevity and stability under load
  • Expanded Mesh in base ensures an effective bond between pavior and cover when using recommended epoxy resin mortar
  • Tapered covers and a flush soffit facilitate easy slide out removal of cover from frame
  • One person operation when using SOLO SLIDE® lifting key
  • Tested unfilled to ensure load is achieved when filled with any landscape material from paving bricks to tarmac
  • Hot Dip Galvanised to BS EN: ISO1461
  • Manufactured in accordance to ISO:9001 quality system
  • In accordance with BT LN593 specification
  • Design approved by Traffic for London
  • Unique laser etched marking for chamber identification or ownership

Main benefits target market receives

  • Longer life due to material thickness (traditional designs are thinner grades and some even have plastic frames)
  • Eliminates health & Safety issues with manual handling issues
  • Non-standard sizes and depths can be configured and manufactured rapidly at little extra cost
  • Unique identification of chamber
  • Infill is set on epoxy resin mortar to ensure blocks do not move unlike traditional methods of installing on sand
  • Covers are interchangeable (no need to replace whole unit)
  • Security options available with unique FAB SECURE screw


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