The FSP Urban Tree Surround™ is the most cost effective method to replicate rural tree conditions in an urban environment without sacrificing precious pedestrian area. Manufactured to BS EN 1090 (CE marked) our heavy duty design achieves an 11.5t loading without the need for secondary beam work or relying on a compacted soil: that is often detrimental to a trees health. Our design team offer a free service and will work with you to create a bespoke product that can satisfy your specification. They can provide FEA results, 3D models, photo quality renders and client branding. Our product is galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 to guarantee minimum average zinc coating and support the design life of your project. Chilled iron shot blasting is also available where more corrosive conditions exist. Other finishes can be achieved including stainless steel, powder coating and Cor-Ten® weathering steel.
We also offer a standard range of tree grilles and can fabricate to your specific design.