Our team is dedicated to meeting your specialist requirements and FSP have supplied products to many different companies to assist with water management and flood alleviation. The nature of flooding events are changing with a significant increase in flash flooding caused by torrential rainfall together with inadequate surface water drainage. Here at FSP we will cooperate to find a solution and our 3D CAD simulation will show designs in place to give end users the visual information to make an informed decision.

FSP have the capability to comply with the harmonised standard BS EN ISO 14122-4 which covers the scope for permanently fixed access ladders for above ground installation and therefore under the CPR products must be supplied with CE Marking.

Some of our other lines manufactured include Culvert Grilles, Silt Buckets, Trench Plates, Weir Plates, Weed screens, Vermin grille or gratings and lots more. If you have an enquiry for a bespoke fabricated item please contact our dedicated team.