Welcome to a selection of projects that FSP have contributed to. Whilst working closely with clients, our technical and design teams offer outstanding solutions. These projects demonstrate the bespoke products that FSP have fabricated, to deliver long term value through our high quality products.

Path Edging

Path Edging at Innsworth Gloucester

A new product from FSP was requested to be installed at The Old Station Nursery, Innsworth near Gloucester.

94m in 1.4m lengths of 175mm deep path edgings were ordered by Walsh Construction Ltd via E.H. Smith builders merchant.

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Headwall grilles at Rye East Sussex

A bespoke solution was required to protect two river outlets complete with outlet valves.

The area around the valves had to be clear of rubbish to maintain their operation and hence prevent flooding. Unauthorised access had to be prevented but access to the valves by maintenance personnel was a necessity.

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Anti-slip covers installed at Caerphilly

Caerphilly Council planned to install several access covers in a farmer’s field to facilitate the connection of drainage pipes to help alleviate recent flooding problems in the surrounding area.

The owners of Groeswen Farm initially rejected the proposal of access covers being installed in their field. Primary concerns arose from the fear that their prize hunt horses would get injured by slipping on the covers. There is awareness within the equine industry that horses are spooked by traditional manhole covers and the owners shared this concern.

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Flood Managment

Flood Management Grating System Designed, Manufactured and Supplied

A highly innovative and bespoke flood management grating system with special anti slip coating has been designed to combat serious flooding problems along Groeswen Lane, Caerphilly.

Local residents of Hendredenny, Caerphilly experienced serious flooding across an important supply road to the area. A day of heavy rain would turn the road into a small river and conditions were exasperated due to a local farm having part of its land concreted. This prevented natural drainage and increase the amount of surface water runoff flooding the local primary school and turning fields into swamps. The village needed a solution which would not only help to redirect and manage the excess water but was also safe for farmyard animals such as Ducks, Horses and Sheep which regularly cross the road. Furthermore the proposed solution had to be completed while the road was still open as traffic still needed access.

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Glastonbury Anti-Slip

Fabweld Steel Products provides anti slip access covers in Glastonbury

MHHA (Methodist Homes Housing Association) is one of the most respected providers in the care sector providing a range of services for older people around the UK. MHHA were renovating their residential site in Glastonbury, which included replacing the access covers.

These covers were damaged, badly cracked and posed a serious slip and trip hazard. Concerns were validated when several residents slipped over on some of the access covers when they became wet. HSE statistics identified more than 15,000 fatalities per year as a result of slips and trips by senior citizens. It was top of MHHA’s priorities to ensure the access covers were replaced with units which would eliminate this problem.

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