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FAQ Concrete filled access covers

How can I calculate the weight of a recessed cover when filled with concrete? 

C40 grade concrete weighs approximately 2.3 – 2.4 tonnes per cubic metre. The weight can therefore be calculated by the simple formula of: 

‘Length x Depth x Width x 2.3 + Weight of unfilled cover’ 

If you need to confirm the weights of any of our products, you can refer to the relevant product literature or contact a member of our technical team. 

Which is the best concrete for filling recessed covers? 

The grade of concrete that should be used varies according to the loading classification of the product. To be sure that you are using the best concrete for the job, you can refer to the concrete centre for guidance by clicking the following link: 

What is the correct cure time for concrete? 

Concrete continues to harden throughout its life and depending upon the grade of concrete and temperature that the cover is exposed to this can effect cure times. For this reason you should always refer to concrete suppliers guidelines before trafficking manhole covers filled with concrete. 


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