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FAQ FACTA specification

FACTA Specification FAQ

What is the FACTA specification?

Fabricated Access Covers Trade Association (FACTA) is a specification that allows fabricated access covers to be made from a variety of materials and offer flexibility in its design, something that isn’t achievable for cast covers. This specification offers load classes to address the shortcomings with BS EN 124. FSP are accredited to FACTA and offer a vast range of access covers to this specification.

What loadings does FACTA cover?

FACTA have produced a classification table that outlines what each loading class can withstand, in terms of both gross laden and slow moving, as well as the comparison against the EN124 specification. It also details the typical application for each loading. Please see the table below:

I require an access cover to withstand 40 Ton Gross, which FACTA Loading would be most suitable?

Although there are three FACTA loadings which state they can withstand up to 44 Ton Gross Laden, the intended applications for each loading greatly vary from one another. The key difference between these loadings is the Slow Moving Wheel load. FACTA B for example can only withstand 5 Ton Slow Moving (50kN), which would be more than ideal for car parks/delivery areas where cars/small vehicles operate. FACTA D however can take up to 11 Ton Slow Moving (108kN), which is best suited to plant areas/carriageways where HGVs/Medium Duty Forklifts operate. In this case, the intended application would be the deciding factor.

What type of access covers are covered by these loadings?

FACTA loadings can only be applied to steel access covers. FSP have fully tested their standard product ranges to conform to the relevant FACTA loadings, in which these have been detailed below:

FAB TOPTM (Solid Top) – Available in FACTA AAA, B & D

FAB PAVETM (Recessed for External) – Available in FACTA AAA, B & D FAB TRAYTM (Recessed for Internal) – Available in FACTA AA, B & D

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