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FAQ Galvanising

What are the benefits of Hot Dip Galvanising a product? 

A galvanised coating offers strong and complete protection to every part of the steel even in recesses or areas which may seem inaccessible. The protection offered by galvanising ensures the zinc within steel weathers at a slow rate boosting longevity of products life. In many cases life expectancy can be in excess of 50 years within rural areas and 20-25 years in severe urban areas. 

Due to longevity of life galvanising is a relatively cheap protective coating for steel when compared to other protective paint coatings. Click here to find out more about life expectancy.  

Galvanising is completed to BS EN: ISO 1461 specification so you can be assured of quality, reliability and performance. Once galvanised the coating can be easily inspected by the human eye, and then installed immediately. 

Why does a galvanised finish go dull after a period of time? 

It is natural that over time galvanised products will look dull in their appearance, and is not a cause for concern. The silicone content within the steel and atmospheric conditions will establish how quickly the galvanised finish will go dull. For all other Galvanising queries please refer to the Galvanisers association website 

I have been supplied with a Galvanised product which is already going rusty, can you please explain why? 


The area where the part is stained is not rust or any form of corrosion. The brown staining is caused by the acid, in the Galvanising process, running into an air pocket or joint and the water wash not being able to remove it prior to the hot dip.

The staining is actually rusty water and known as ‘weld seep’ and can be removed with a wire brush.

The photograph opposite shows a typical example of ‘weld seep’. 

Can I get a thicker Galvanised coating? 

For longevity in harsh and coastal environments FSP offer a ‘double’ Galvanised coating thickness. FSP will guarantee a double zinc coating if you specify 140 microns when ordering. All orders supplied to this come with a certified read out of the Zinc coverage, ensuring extra corrosion resistance. 

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