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FAQ Products and Sealing

How can I identify a product that is manufactured by FSP? 

All of our FAB PAVE ranges have the FSP logo (as on our website) embossed on each of the corner lifting bosses that are welding to the cover. 

How do you remove a recessed cover with threaded lifting points from its frame? 

Our recessed covers are supplied locked into the framework. To separate the cover from the frame simply remove the M8 countersunk or allen head screw from the top of the cover with a flat head screwdriver or allen key (depending on which type of screw is fitted). This will expose an M12 threaded lifting point, insert our M12 threaded lifting keys which have a specially tapered lead at the bottom (COM0000310) and turn in a clockwise position. Continue to turn the key in a clockwise position until the cover rises from the frame breaking the seal and then proceed to lift the cover. To fit the cover back into its frame, simply reverse this process. 

N.B. Under no circumstances is the cover to be removed from the frame until products have been fitted and the grouting has fully cured. 


Can the FAB TRAY S20 Stainless Steel Edged be fitted in a vinyl floor? 

Vinyl is a flexible floor finish and notoriously difficult to fit around an access cover no matter what the cover design is like.

A skilled floor fitter with vinyl experience can fit these covers to give a high-quality finish as the photograph opposite displays.


Why use a neoprene seal over a grease seal on an access cover? 

Grease seals are designed to prevent the escape of foul odours. They are only effective when the frame has grease applied post installation and in some cases, this often does not occur making this sealing ineffective. Furthermore, the grease needs to be re-applied each time the cover is removed which can become very costly and labour intensive. 

A neoprene sealed cover offers the same benefits as a grease seal (with less maintenance) in terms of preventing the escape of foul odours, but requires a quick brush to remove loose debris before being placed back into the frame. This means that no further costs will be incurred from having to replace the seal unlike grease seals, and neoprene seals offer more effective performance over a longer period of time. 

As the neoprene seal is factory installed it ensures fitness for purpose as soon as the cover arrives on site. As the neoprene is compressed under the weight of the lid a very effective air tight seal is created.  


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