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From Day to Nitrogen

The precision laser cutting of steel products requires large amounts of nitrogen. In the past, the nitrogen we needed for our fabrication work was delivered to the FSP production site in Telford up to three times a week from a supplier based in Banbury.

But this has all changed, thanks to our investment in an onsite nitrogen generator predominantly – powered by clean, solar energy.

Installed in April 2023, our Nitro cube 3 can generate 100% of our requirements for nitrogen. This has eliminated more than 40 bulk gas deliveries a year, cutting our carbon footprint and reducing the cost of making our products to keep prices competitive for customers.

It also means we are not reliant on external supply chains for our gas, which have the potential to disrupt production and add unexpected costs into the mix.



A bright future

FSP’s nitrogen generator is being predominantly run on electricity generated by our PV solar panels, but we think we can make it even more sustainable in the future.

We are already looking to extend our solar generation capacity and introduce a battery storage system to minimise the amount of supplementary power we need to draw from the grid while we are making our nitrogen.

We are also exploring the possibility of installing a second storage unit to hold the nitrogen we are generating. This would allow us to make nitrogen over the weekend when the factory is closed and there are no other draws on the solar power being collected.  The ultimate aim is to generate 100% of our Nitrogen from renewable energy on site at FSP.

Making our own nitrogen is just one of the many ways Fabweld Steel Products is committing to operating in a more sustainable way and reducing our impact on the environment. Find out more about the company’s sustainability pledge here

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