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March 14, 2022 Anti-slip covers installed at Caerphilly

Caerphilly Council planned to install several access covers in a farmer’s field to facilitate the connection of drainage pipes to help alleviate recent flooding problems in the surrounding area.

The owners of Groeswen Farm initially rejected the proposal of access covers being installed in their field. Primary concerns arose from the fear that their prize hunt horses would get injured by slipping on the covers.

There is an awareness within the equine industry that horses are spooked by traditional manhole covers and the owners shared this concern. Fabweld was approached for a solution to the problem, and proposed a cover from our FAB GRIP S10 range.

FAB GRIP, specially developed for its anti-slip qualities, has a Polished Slip Resistance Value in excess of 65 ensuring an extremely low possibility for slipping.

FAB GRIP’s performance stays consistent, even in wet and icy conditions, unlike standard manhole covers which can become extremely hazardous.

As a further precaution the owners selected a green colour application to help blend in with the field.

Denise Milton says:

When we were approached by Caerphilly County Borough Council about installing some manhole covers in our field, we were very unenthusiastic at first. We had some major concerns about our prize hunt horses getting spooked by the manhole covers or worse still, slipping over on the covers when they became wet and getting injured. Fabweld were very keen to develop a solution which not only helped Caerphilly Council to alleviate flooding problems in the surrounding area but they were empathetic to our concerns and developed a solution which also would ensure the safety of our horses. Our horses have taken well to the FAB GRIP manhole covers and have experienced no problems with our horses slipping on the covers despite all the wet and icy conditions experienced lately

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