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March 14, 2022 Flood Management Caerphilly

A highly innovative and bespoke water management grating system with special anti slip coating has been
designed to combat serious flooding problems along Groeswen Lane, Caerphilly.

Local residents of Hendredenny, Caerphilly experienced serious flooding across an important supply road to the
area. A day of heavy rain would turn the road into a small river and conditions were exasperated due to a
local farm having part of its land concreted. This prevented natural drainage and increased the amount of
surface water runoff flooding the local primary school and turning fields into swamps. The village needed a
solution which would not only help to redirect and manage the excess water but was also safe for farmyard animals such as Ducks, Horses and sheep which regularly cross the road. . Furthermore the proposed solution had to be completed while the road was still open as traffic still needed access.

FSP were approached by Caerphilly Council to develop an innovative solution to these flooding problems, having impressed on a previous job requiring the development of specialist anti slip access covers at a local farm.

Following a number of site visits FSP’s design team worked in direct partnership with Caerphilly Council to fully understand the scope of the problem and develop 3D CAD models presenting suitable solutions which simulated the water flow.

FSP eventually designed a 3m x 2m Bespoke Water management grating and tank to collect, hold and redirect the runoff water. The unit, which is slightly raised from the road and looks like a speed ramp has a capability of handling up to 500 Litres of water per second. The specially developed louvered gratings not only created a surface safe for animals to cross but also created necessary drag to draw water into the chamber.

Neil Wilstead from Caerphilly Borough Council said:

The area has now been transformed since the water management cover was fitted and locals have
remarked how neat it looks and what a great job it does. We were also very impressed with the speed of
service for a project where time was of the essence

A spokesperson from the local school further added:

Since the project has been completed we have suffered no floods despite recent heavy rainfall

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